Metal Stone Choker Set


Metal Stone Choker Set

  • Product material: – Metal & Stone
  • Color: – Multicolor design available
  • Country of Origin- India
  • Style of Jewelry: – Stone Choker
  • Segment Jewelry: – Fashion Jewelry
  • Collection type: – Ethnic
  • Set: – 1 necklace with 1 pair of earrings

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Metal Stone Choker Set

The Metal Stone Choker Set is stunning and refined hand-crafted jewelry that can elevate the elegance of any attire. This choker set is created to augment the overall charm of the wearer and is fitting for a diverse range of events, such as weddings, celebrations, and other formal occasions.

Design and Style:

The Metal Stone Choker Set is crafted with intricate design and style, making it a unique piece of jewelry. The choker is designed with metal chains that are interlinked with beautiful stones, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. The design is further enhanced by the use of various shades of stones that create a beautiful and appealing pattern. The choker is also designed with an adjustable chain, making it easy to adjust according to the wearer’s neck size. Interested buyers can buy Metal Stone Choker Set online at Festmarket.


The artisans who crafted the Metal Stone Choker Set utilized top-grade metals and stones, resulting in a product that boasts exceptional durability and shine. As a result, wearers can enjoy the choker set for an extended time.

The stones used in the design are also high quality, ensuring they retain their shine and appeal for a long time. The choker set’s metal is also antibacterial, so it is ideal for anyone with delicate skin.Metal Stone Choker Set cost is pocket friendly, and there is no stress of spending a lot of cash to buy it.


It is crucial to store the Metal Stone Choker Set appropriately to keep its luster and charm. Keeping the choker set out of intense sunshine and moisture in a cool, dry location is advised. The choker set should be stored separately from other jewelry to avoid scratches and damage. It is suggested to use a gentle sponge to cleanse the choker set to clear out any debris or debris that may have gathered on the metal and stones. The Metal Stone Choker Set price is reasonable when you buy it from Festmarket.

Metal Stone Choker Set is a stunning and sophisticated item of jewelry made to increase the female’s aesthetic impact. This choker set is a distinctive and long-lasting piece of jewelry thanks to its fantastic collection and use of premium materials. The choker set can keep its luster and charm durable with appropriate preservation and maintenance.

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