Paan Smith Madrasi Fusion | 200g

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 Paan Smith Madrasi Fusion

  • Brand: PaanSmith
  • Model Name: Madrasi Fusion
  • Type: Mouth Freshener
  • Quantity: 200g
  • Food Preference: Vegetarian
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Pack of: 1
  • Container Type: Jar

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Paan Smith Madrasi Fusion | 200g

Paan Smith Madrasi Fusion is a unique and delicious product that combines the traditional Indian flavors of paan with the bold and vibrant tastes of Madrasi cuisine. The fusion of these two distinct culinary styles results in a truly unforgettable taste experience that is sure to satisfy any palate. The Paan Smith Madrasi Fusion price is also a factor that makes a great deal to buy. You can buy Paan Smith Madrasi Fusion online from Festmarket.

Taste & Flavor:

Paan Smith Madrasi Fusion is a complex and multifaceted flavor profile that combines the sweet and refreshing taste of paan with the bold and spicy flavors of Madrasi cuisine. The product boasts a unique combination of sweet and savory flavors, including notes of rose, cardamom, fennel, mint, and a variety of Madrasi spices such as cumin, coriander, and turmeric. The end result is a flavor that is both refreshing and satisfying, with a balanced complexity that keeps you coming back for more.


The Paan Smith Madrasi Fusion is made from a variety of carefully selected and high-quality ingredients, including betel leaves, fennel seeds, cardamom, rose petals, mint leaves, cumin, coriander, turmeric, and other traditional Madrasi spices. These ingredients are carefully blended and roasted to perfection to create a unique and unforgettable flavor experience. The Paan Smith Madrasi Fusion cost is also reasonable according to taste and quality of the ingredients. The product is also free from artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, ensuring a natural and healthy snack option.

How to Consume:

Paan Smith Madrasi Fusion can be consumed in a variety of ways, including as a post-meal digestive, as a refreshing snack, or as a midday pick-me-up. The product is easy to carry and can be enjoyed on-the-go, making it an excellent choice for anyone with a busy lifestyle. For the best taste experience, it is recommended to chew the product slowly and allow the flavors to fully develop. Packaging:

Paan Smith Madrasi Fusion is packaged in a high-quality, airtight container that is designed to preserve the freshness and flavor of the product. The container is also resealable, making it easy to store and consume the product over an extended period of time.


  • Information provided is for general informational purposes only
  • Store in a cool & dry place
  • Keep away from the direct sunlight and moisture
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  1. Ethan Wong

    The Madrasi Fusion from Paan Smith offers an exquisite taste experience. Kudos to Festmarket for their efficient shipping and responsive customer support, making international purchases hassle-free.

    Ethan Wong

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