Patanjali Aastha Hawan Samagri

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Patanjali Aastha Hawan Samagri

  • Brand: Patanjali
  • Product  Name: Aastha Hawan Samagri
  • Used for: Hawan, and Yajnas
  • Quantity: 250 & 500 gm
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Pack of: 1

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Patanjali Aastha Hawan Samagri

Patanjali Aastha Hawan Samagri is a special blend of natural herbs and ingridients that is used in Hindu religious ceremonies and rituals, particularly havan ceremonies. You can easily buy Patanjali Aastha Hawan Samagri online from Festmarket. The samagri is a combination of several herbs and spices that are believed to have purifying and healing properties. Patanjali Aastha Hawan Samagri is free from harmful chemicals and is a safe and effective alternative to other commercially available hawan samagri. Patanjali Aastha Hawan Samagri cost is also reasonable compared to its high quality ingredients.

Size and Packaging:

Patanjali Aastha Hawan Samagri is available in two sizes, 250g and 500g. It comes in a convenient and easy-to-use packaging that is ideal for daily use. Patanjali Aastha Hawan Samagri price may vary as per packaging and quantity


Patanjali Aastha Hawan Samagri is made using a blend of natural herbs and spices. Some of the key ingredients in the samagri include guggal, loban, sandalwood, cow dung, and various other herbs and spices. These ingredients are carefully selected and blended to purify and heal during havan ceremonies.


Patanjali Aastha Hawan Samagri offers numerous benefits for spiritual and physical well-being, including:

  • Purifies the environment: The herbs and spices in the samagri help purify the environment and create a positive and peaceful atmosphere during havan ceremonies.
  • Promotes physical well-being: The natural ingredients in the samagri are believed to have healing and purifying properties that can help promote physical well-being.
  • Promotes spiritual well-being: The samagri is believed to help promote spiritual well-being by purifying the mind and body and creating a connection with the divine.
  • Safe and effective: Patanjali Aastha Hawan Samagri is free from harmful chemicals and is a safe and effective alternative to other commercially available hawan samagri.

Storage Instruction:

  • Patanjali Aastha Hawan Samagri should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture.
  • It should be stored in an airtight container to prevent it from getting damaged.
  • It is recommended to use the samagri within six months of purchase
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  1. Ivan Petrov from Russia

    The Hawan Samagri is perfect for my religious ceremonies, with all necessary ingredients included. Ordering from Festmarket was hassle-free, and their customer support is commendable.

    Ivan Petrov from Russia

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