Patanjali Aastha Kapoor Cone

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Patanjali Aastha Kapoor Cone

  • Brand: – Patanjali
  • Product name: – Aastha Kapoor Cone
  • Quantity: – 1 N
  • Used as: – Room, Bathroom, & Car freshener, natural mosquito replants, and preserving clothes

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Patanjali Aastha Kapoor Cone:-

Patanjali Aastha Kapoor cone is made with high-quality natural ingredients and is free from harmful chemicals or synthetic fragrances. It comes in a convenient cone shaped hang able cloth bag that makes them easy to use and store,

Patanjali Aastha Kapoor cone has a long-lasting scent that refreshes the atmosphere and provides continuous protection against mosquitos and other pests. You can easily buy Patanjali Aastha Kapoor cone online from Festmarket with just one click. Patanjali Aastha Kapoor cone cost is reasonable compared to its benefits and multiple uses.

Benefits: –

  • Mosquito Repellent: Patanjali Aastha Kapoor cone releases a refreshing scent that repels mosquitos and prevents them from biting.
  • Clothing Preserver: This camphor cone also protects your clothing from moths and other pests, thanks to their naturally insect-repelling aroma.
  • Atmosphere freshener: It can be used in Cars, rooms, and bathrooms as a natural Atmosphere freshener which helps deodorize the air and neutralize odors.
  • Non-toxic: Patanjali Aastha Kapoor cone is made with all-natural ingredients and is free from harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances.
  • Long-lasting: It has a long-lasting scent and provides continuous protection against mosquitos and other pests.
  • Affordable price: Patanjali Aastha Kapoor cone price makes it an affordable product.

How to Use: –

  • Mosquito Repellent: Place the camphor cone where mosquitos are likely to gather, such as outdoor patios, bedrooms, and living areas.
  • Clothing Preserver: Hang the cone bag in your wardrobe or dresser drawers to protect your clothes from pests.
  • Bathroom freshener: Hang a camphor cone bag in your bathroom to release a refreshing scent that naturally deodorizes the air.
  • Car freshener: Patanjali Aastha Kapoor cone can also be used as a car freshener to keep your car smelling great.

Disclaimer: –

  • Remove the plastic wrap from the cone carefully
  • Avoid damaging the cone cloth bag
  • Keep away from the fire
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  1. Lisa Müller, Berlin, Germany

    The Aastha Kapoor Cones bring a divine fragrance to my home, creating a peaceful atmosphere. Festmarket’s quick delivery to Germany and their proactive customer support have made me a loyal customer.

    Lisa Müller, Berlin, Germany

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