Patanjali Eargrit Eardrop | 15ml

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Patanjali Eargrit Eardrop

  • Brand: Patanjali
  • Product  Name: Eargrit Eardrop
  • Supplement Type: Ayurvedic
  • Form:Liquid
  • Used for: Eardisorder
  • Quantity:15 ml
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Pack of: 1

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Patanjali Eargrit Eardrop | 15ml

Patanjali Eargrit Eardrop is an Ayurvedic ear oil designed to promote ear health and relieve ear discomfort. It is prepared from a blend of natural and herbal ingredients that have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. This ear oil has numerous benefits, including relieving ear discomfort, promoting ear health, and clearing excess ear wax. Eargrit Eardrop is a safe and natural alternative to chemical-based ear drops, making it an effective option for people of all ages. Patanjali Eargrit Eardrop price is reasonable compared to its benefits. It is easy to use and can be applied in a variety of ways to promote ear health and relieve ear discomfort. Patanjali Eargrit Eardrop cost is considerable for our valuable customers. Festmarket lets you buy Patanjali Eargrit Eardrop online with a tap on your phone screen.


Patanjali Eargrit Eardrop is made from a blend of natural ingredients that have been carefully selected for their ear health benefits. Some of the key ingredients include Sudarshan, Apamarg, Bhringraj, Dhatura, Neem, Methi, Tulsi, and Haldi


  • Relieves Ear Discomfort: Eargrit Eardrop helps to relieve ear discomfort, such as ear pain, itching, and irritation, due to its natural anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Promotes Ear Health: Eargrit Eardrop promotes ear health by preventing the growth of harmful bacteria in the ear and reducing the risk of ear infections.
  • Clears Ear Wax: Eargrit Eardrop helps to clear excess ear wax from the ear canal, which can lead to hearing problems and other ear-related issues.
  • Safe and Natural: Eargrit Eardrop is a natural and herbal alternative to chemical-based ear drops, making it a safe and effective option for people of all ages.

How to Use:

Patanjali Eargrit Eardrop can be used in multiple ways to promote ear health and relieve ear discomfort. Some of the ways to use Eargrit Eardrop are:

  • Warm the bottle of Eargrit Eardrop in warm water before use.
  • Tilt your head to one side and place 2-3 drops of Eargrit Eardrop into the ear canal.
  • Keep your head tilted for 2-3 minutes to allow the oil to reach the ear drum.
  • Use a cotton ball to remove any excess oil from the ear gently.


  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Keep away from the sunlight
  • Keep away from the reach of children
  • Extreme conditions consult to a proper healthcare professional
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  1. Michael O’Brien, Dublin, Ireland

    Eargrit Eardrops have been a relief for my earaches. I’m impressed with Festmarket for their quick international shipping and excellent customer care.

    Michael O’Brien, Dublin, Ireland

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