Patanjali Pachak Hing Peda | 200g

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Patanjali Pachak Hing Peda :-

  • Brand: Patanjali
  • Model Name: Pachak Hing Peda
  • Supplement Type: Ayurvedic
  • Used as: Appetizer
  • Quantity:200gm
  • Food Preference: Vegetarian
  • Country of Origin: India

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Patanjali Pachak Hing Peda :-

Patanjali Pachak Hing Peda is a popular Indian snack made with asafoetida (hing), sesame seeds, and other natural ingredients. It is marketed as a digestive aid that prevents gas, bloating, and other digestive problems. The peda also contains essential nutrients like calcium and iron, making it a healthier snack when consumed in moderation. If you want to buy a healthy and natural snack, Patanjali Pachak Hing Peda price has made it a good product to consider. You can buy Patanjali Pachak Hing Peda online from Festmarket. It comes in a 200gm pack and is best stored in a cool and dry place to maintain freshness. Patanjali Pachak Hing Peda cost is also considerable on our website for the valued customers.


The key ingredients in Patanjali Pachak Hing Peda include hing, sugar, wheat flour, sesame seeds, and edible gum. It also contains various natural flavors Such as

  • Chini (saccharum officinarum )
  • Anardana (punica grantum)
  • Amchur (mangifera indica)
  • Jeera (cuminum cyminum)
  • Samudra lavan
  • Dhaniya (coriandrum sativum)
  • Kala lavan
  • Kali mirch (piper nigrum)
  • Dalchini (cinnamomum zeylanicum)
  • Badi elaichi (amomum subulatum)
  • Chhoti pipal (piper longum)
  • Hing (Ferula foetida)
  • Saunf (foeniculum vulgare)
  • Gulkand
  • Neembu (citrus medica)


  • Asafoetida in the peda aids digestion, prevents gas and bloating, and promotes gut health
  • The peda aids in nutrient absorption, and provides essential vitamins and minerals including calcium and iron for strong bones and overall wellness
  • It can be a healthy snack when consumed in moderation and as part of a balanced diet
  • Consult a doctor before consuming if you have any pre-existing health conditions

How to Use:

  • It can be consumed as a healthy snack after meals or as a mid-day snack
  • Consume one or two pieces at a time, and balance it with a healthy diet and lifestyle


  • Consult a doctor before consuming if you have pre-existing health conditions or allergies
  • The peda should be stored in a cool and dry place to maintain its freshness
  • Excessive consumption may lead to weight gain and other health problems
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult their doctors before consuming
  • Consume in moderation and with caution
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  1. Emma Brown

    The Hing Peda has been a game-changer for my digestive health. Buying from Festmarket was easy, and their customer care was exceptionally supportive throughout the shipping process to Australia.

    Emma Brown

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