Paan Smith Calcutta Supari | 170g

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Paan Smith Calcutta Supari

  • Brand: Paan Smith
  • Product name: Calcutta Supari
  • Quantity: 170 Gram
  • Origin: India
  • Diet type: Vegan
  • Use for: Mouth Freshening, Digestive Aid

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Paan Smith Calcutta Supari | 170g

Paan Smith Calcutta Supari is a delightful mouth freshener that encapsulates the rich and traditional flavors of Calcutta’s famous betel leaf paan. Made from the finest quality ingredients, this unique blend offers a refreshing taste that will tantalize your senses. Each bite-sized piece is crafted precisely, ensuring an authentic and satisfying experience. Indulge in the traditional flavors of Calcutta with Paan Smith Calcutta Supari and enjoy a flavorful twist to your daily routine—The convenience to buy Paan Smith Calcutta Supari online at Festmarket. Explore the price and easily place your order from the comfort of your own home. With worldwide shipping available, you can enjoy this delightful mouth freshener no matter where you are. Visit our website to discover the current cost of Paan Smith Calcutta Supari and take advantage of the opportunity to acquire this remarkable product at a highly competitive rate. Experience the traditional flavors of Calcutta’s famous paan and add a flavorful twist to your snacking routine. Shop now and indulge in the refreshing taste of Paan Smith Calcutta Supari.


  • Mouth Freshening: Paan Smith Calcutta Supari is an excellent mouth freshener, leaving you with a refreshing and pleasant taste. It helps combat bad breath and keeps your mouth fresh throughout the day.
  • Digestive Aid: The combination of ingredients in this supari blend, including betel leaf and other traditional herbs, may provide digestive benefits. It can aid in digestion and help soothe an upset stomach.
  • Flavorful Experience: Paan Smith Calcutta Supari offers a delightful and unique flavor profile that adds an element of enjoyment to your snacking experience. It provides a harmonious blend of sweet, tangy, and herbal notes characteristic of Calcutta’s famous paan.


  • Betel leaf.
  • Supari (betel nut).
  • Spices.

How to Use:

  • Place a piece of Paan Smith Calcutta Supari in your mouth. Enjoy the burst of flavors as you chew the supari. It can be consumed after meals or whenever you desire a refreshing and flavorful experience.
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  1. Fatima Zahra

    The Calcutta Supari offers a genuine taste of India’s traditional flavors. Festmarket’s exceptional service ensured the product arrived in Morocco quickly and in perfect condition.

    Fatima Zahra

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